Kalispell Car Accidents Attorney

Car accidents almost always result in some type of damage, including personal injury or death. If you or a loved one has been harmed in a vehicle accident, it is wise to consult with an experienced Kalispell car accidents lawyer to discuss your rights and legal options for compensation.

Kalispell Car Accidents Attorney

In Montana, people turn to the Glacier Law Firm for the advice, consul and representation they need to fight for their rights and obtain fair compensation for car accident injury expenses. Attorney Alex Evans has been licensed to practice law in Montana for over 7 years, since 2009. An experienced trial lawyer, he has helped hundreds of clients find justice after car accidents disrupted their lives and their ability to earn income. Alex also handles other types of cases that involve personal injury, workers compensation, and probate services.

Car Accident Legal Services

At Glacier Law Firm, a good portion of our legal work is helping clients after they or a loved one has been harmed in vehicle accidents. We understand the extent of damage these types of accidents can inflict, in terms of physical harm, emotional stress, income and the need for expensive medical care. In some cases, a wrongful death ensues, and the survivors of that victim may be entitled to recover compensation for their losses related to that wrongful death, including funeral and burial costs.

Car accidents result in a variety of damages, from simple to complex. Many claims for compensation may be allowed, especially when an accident results from negligence by another driver or equipment failure.

  • Medical Care – Medical treatment, hospital, doctor and other medical care is expensive, as is home care and rehabilitation service.
  • Income Loss – When there is physical harm, the victim may be unable to work temporarily or permanently, or they may die from those injuries. Income loss, future inheritance, companionship and other claims may be compensated.
  • Pain & Suffering – Claims may be allowed for mental and emotional harm due to accident injuries. Negligent behavior that causes injury is a basic claim that may also result in higher compensation awards.
  • Future Issues – An injured party may require long-term medical services or be unable to work or become retrained. If the victim dies, their survivors may make claims for final care expenses and the funeral and burial costs.

To learn more about your rights and fair compensation for car accident injuries, contact the Glacier Law Firm, in Kalispell, MT. Call Attorney Alex Evans now, at: 406-552-4343.