Kalispell Personal Injury Attorney

Any type of personal injury can cause tremendous stress and strain for the victim and their family members. When someone suffers physical or emotional injury, they may require expensive medical or psychological care to recover. In addition to that, physical harm may result in short or long-term inability to work and related income losses. These issues can be properly addressed when you have an experienced Glacier Law Firm attorney working on your behalf.

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In Kalispell, MT, people get the legal support they need to get past the challenges of personal injury from an experienced trial lawyer at the Glacier Law Firm. Kalispell Attorney Alex Evans works with people from all walks of life who have experienced personal injury in many forms. In addition to physical harm, personal injury may occur due to workplace discrimination, personal attacks or attempts to damage a reputation.

Kalispell Personal Injury Attorney

Attorney Alex Evans has a broad knowledge of the area of law practice that addresses personal injury cases. He has helped hundreds of people during the past 7 years recover fair compensation for claims related to personal injury events. When negligent behavior results in injury, there are legal options to consider for obtaining monetary compensation for related expenses. It is important to consult this experienced Kalispell Personal Injury Attorney immediately, because there may be time limitations for making your claims.

Alex handles a variety of claims for his clients, including issues related to personal injury and car accidents, product liability, slip and fall, premises liability workers compensation, and insurance bad faith.

Typical claims in a personal injury lawsuit may include:

  • Medical Expenses – Emergency treatment, transportation to medical facilities, medical care and after-care, special equipment, pharmacy and other care costs.
  • Work/Income Loss – Temporary or Permanent inability to work may result from a personal injury. If you cannot return to your job, rehabilitation and retraining services may be needed.
  • Survivor Benefits – Funeral and burial costs, loss of companionship, and future monetary or inheritance losses.
  • Product Liability – When equipment fails and results in injuries, victims may claim compensation due to negligence by the manufacturer.
  • Financial & Insurance – Injuries result in multiple financial costs and insurance companies may balk at paying fair compensation.
  • Workplace Issues – Discrimination, unfair hiring processes, denial of due benefits, Workers Compensation claims and appeals.

To learn more, start with a free consultation to discuss your concerns about personal injury legal options. Contact the Glacier Law Firm, in Kalispell, MT. Call Attorney Alex Evans now, at: 406-552-4343.