Kalispell Product Liability Attorney

People from northwestern Montana who have been injured or lost loved ones due to product defects and failures get the strong legal support they need to obtain fair compensation for product liability cases at the Glacier Law Firm, located in Kalispell, MT.

Product Liability

When you use a product, especially a car, it is fair and reasonable to expect that it is safe, and it will perform as promised and not cause harm. When products fail, causing injuries or death, there may be several responsible parties that are liable for compensation. Designers, manufacturers, installers and sellers of faulty products may bear responsibility for later failures of their products and damages that are caused by those defects.

Kalispell Product Liability Attorney

At the Glacier Law Firm, Attorney Alex Evans has helped hundreds of people receive fair compensation for injury and damage claims related to product liability. Product performance is an important issue that involves safety. People have been seriously injured or killed due to equipment failures, as has been seen recently with faulty airbags, brake or tire defects that caused in car accidents.

Product Liability Claims

Injuries due to defective products not only cause physical harm to victims, it may also affect their families, their finances and their ability to work. When a person dies due to product failure, such as tire blowouts, airbag defects or brakes that do not function properly when needed, their survivors may also be eligible to seek compensation for their loss claims.

Product Liability lawsuits may address the following issues:

  • Design/Manufacturing – Poor design or construction of parts/equipment can result in defective parts that fail.
  • Production/Installation – Improper installation of equipment may cause harm to users or create conditions that lead to product failure.
  • Seller Responsibility – Sellers offer guarantees that they must honor; they may bear partial responsibility for failure of items they sell.
  • Third Party Responsibility – It is important to include all potential defendants in a lawsuit.
  • Negligence – A critical element for winning lawsuits is negligent behavior; lack of reasonable care or deliberate actions can cause product defects.
  • Medical Care – Obtain compensation for expenses incurred for treatment of injuries caused by defective products/equipment.
  • Income Losses – Recover fair compensation for income loss related to injuries due to product failure.
  • Survivor Claims – When a defect product results in wrongful death, survivors may make claims for financial and personal losses, including future inheritance.

Receive the fair compensation you deserve. To learn more about product liability laws and legal actions you may pursue, contact the Glacier Law Firm, in Kalispell, MT. Call Attorney Alex Evans now at: 406-552-4343.