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Are you looking for a brain injury lawyer Montana?

When you or a family member suffers from a brain injury—whether that’s due to a car accident, medical malpractice, an assault, or a slip on a wet floor, you could be entitled to compensation to help ease both your financial and emotional burden. But even if your case seems simple, you face a big obstacle in moving forward with your life—insurance companies.

The insurance industry is very good at protecting their bottom line. Every settlement and every lost case in court is another deduction from their bank account, and they’ll do just about anything to mitigate losses—even if that means trying to minimize your payout or outright deny your claim.

They’re relying on victims to be intimidated, but that’s not going to happen when you choose Glacier. People choose us to represent their brain injury cases because:

  • Provide attentive, passionate care to our clients, and we treat you and your family members like real human beings instead of just a case number
  • We get right to work building your brain injury case, getting you results and closure as quickly as possible
  • We don’t do “easy” settlements, and we always fight to win the maximum allowed payout for your injury under Montana state law
  • You don’t owe us anything until we win

Glacier definitely isn’t the biggest brain injury attorney Montana has to offer—not by a long shot—but that’s not why clients choose us. They choose us because we get the job done.


I hired Alex after I was hit in a crosswalk. He showed consideration and compassion and worked hard to get the claim settled fairly.

Kathy H.

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