Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice occurs when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient. The negligence might be the result of errors in diagnosis, treatment, aftercare or health management. Best and Westover Law attorneys have represented numerous clients in medical malpractice cases. We have taken cases before the Medical Malpractice Legal Panel and pursued settlement up and through trial when necessary. We have successfully reached settlement for patients that have been injured during medical treatment, and can do the same for you. Call us today for a FREE consultation.

Nursing Home Neglect:

Entrusting the care of an elderly loved one to strangers is hard to do. Even when you have done all of your research, and asked all the right questions, there is still a risk of your family member receiving improper care. Sadly, the statistics reflecting abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes and other care facilities are terrifyingly high. Best and Westover Law represents individuals and their families in cases were neglect, abuse, or even death has taken place in a care facility. If you or your loved one has been the victim of improper care in a nursing home or assisted living facility, call us today for a FREE consultation.

Medical Misdiagnosis:

A common medical mistake providers make is a misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis of an illness, medical condition or injury. When a doctor errors in diagnosing it can result in incorrect treatment, delayed treatment or no treatment at all. Your condition can be made much worse, resulting in further injury, illness, or even death. If your misdiagnoses has led to greater medical complications or added to your medical bills, our attorneys at Best and Westover Law can provide you with a FREE consultation to help you. Call us today.

Prescription Medication Errors:

Medication errors happen often and the effect of a prescription drug error can range from minimal to fatal. If you believe that you have suffered harm as a result of prescription drug error, you should contact our qualified attorneys at Best and Westover Law for a FREE consultation today.

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